HiSi Glass Waterpipes

HiSi Glass offers a more scientific approach to your smoking experience — reducing health risks associated with inhaling hot, smoke-filled air. At HiSi Labs, they incorporate unique percolator designs into products to create optimum cooling devices. Glass Tubes from the HiSi Lab are built for maximum cooling, easy draw and durability.

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Glass Percolator Designs from the HiSi Laboratory:

  • Maximum cooling-small bubbles and longer water travel time transfers more heat
  • Easy draw-shorter chambers and adequate holes for air flow
  • Minimum splash-smaller bubbles generate less splash
  • Durability- fewer components; fewer stress points; heavy walled slider joint on base chamber of all tubes;
  • Schott joints used for all sliders, bowls and a/c’s
  • manufacturing in America for 40 years
  • Ability to use cruched ice, puts the maximum chill on

— Recommended for use with tobacco products only.


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