Smoke Alien Baby Beast Kit

The result of the battle between the scary alien and human beings in the deep space is unknown. In the vaping country, by contrast, the Alien Kit is simple to know and tame.

Your Reno-Sparks Smoke Shop

Striving to be the best Smoke Shop in the Reno/Sparks area.

Best Smoke Shop in Reno, NV carrying Kratom and Glass   

Stop by either of our head shop locations in the Sparks and Reno area!  Where you can find a large selection of items ranging from Glass and Plastic pipes.  As well as E-cigerattes, papers, wraps and all of your smoking and vaporization needs!

Raw Rolling Papers Available At Smokn Rays

Papers & Wraps

A full line of RAW papers and rolling accessories as well as other popular brands for your Smok’n needs.
Premium E-Liquids at Smok'n Ray's Vapor Shop

E-Liquids and Vape

Cosmic Fog, Space Jam in all your favorite flavors are at Smok’n Rays.  We carry a full like of popular brands so you can keep blowing smoke all day’n nite.
MKZ Waterpipes At Smokn Rays Smoke Shop


A full line of every day glass ware and premium glass from the best manufacturers around the world. HiSi, American Made Glass (AMG), MKZ, select hand pipes and more to build your collection.
HiSi Water-Pipes at Smokn Ray's Smoke Shop
Zig Zag Rolling Papers
AMG Water-Pipes at Smokn Ray's Smoke Shop


Now Available at Smok'n Ray's Smoke Shop in Reno, NV PAX Labs, the creator of the original PAX and PAX 2 vaporizers, just released the PAX 3. Let's take a look at them.... PAX 3 VAPORIZER Intelligent, intuitive and instant. The Pax 3 Vaporizer is a dual-use portable...

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The Benefits of Bubblers

Bubblers are one of the old school tools that have stuck around in the smoking community and for a good reason. Only the real smokers I know own a good bubbler and it’s often an overlooked tool and missing from the hobbyist’s collection.

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A Look At The Sauce Boss: Cuttwood E-liquids

Cuttwood is undoubtedly one of the big dogs in the e liquid industry. What seems unique about Cuttwood vapor is the staying power their flavors have. Cuttwood hasn’t gotten lost in the crowd of flavors that seem endless right now. They have only five flavors and are huge in this market.

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SmoknRays Smoke Shop

1207 California Ave
Reno, Nevada 89509

Smok’n Rays Smoke Shop carries a full line of premium vape supplies from top brands like KangerTech, Cosmic Fog, Space Jam E-Liquids & more of your favorites plus premium as well as every day glassware from hand pipes to large water pipes for tobacco smoking aficionados.
SpaceJam E-Liquids at Smokn Rays Smoke Shop
Raw Rolling Accessories Available at Smokn Rays Smoke Shop
Starbuzz Tobacco at Smokn Rays Smoke Shop
Cosmic Fog E-Liquids at Smokn Rays Smoke Shop